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Mojeji Ranch
Roger and Carolyn Schrock
Jon and Janelle Flory Schrock
5098 Girlstown Rd.
Mountain Grove, MO 65711
Phone: (417) 926-1064

Welcome to Mojeji!

Mojeji Ranch, (pronounced mo-JAY-jee), is set on 296 acres near Mountain Grove, Missouri, and is owned and operated by two generations of the Schrock family. We raise Angus influenced beef cattle, Boer meat goats, pastured broiler chickens and free-range layers.

As stewards of the land, water and animals that live here, we believe in managing in a holistic manner. Working with nature, we avoid chemicals, antibiotics and growth hormones, and use high density holistic grazing practices as a way to reach our goal of producing wholesome, healthy natural food for our customers.

A little side note:

The name of our farm often raises some eyebrows — “Mojeji? What does THAT mean?”  So here’s a breakdown of the name.

MO = Missouri.  The “Mo” in Mojeji represents our location.

JEJI = bush country. The Schrock family (Roger, Carolyn, Jon and Jedd) spent many years as community development missionaries in the African nations of Nigeria and Sudan.  “Jeji” means bush, or country, in the Nigerian language of Hausa.

So, Mojeji Ranch means Missouri Country Ranch.  Welcome to Mojeji!